Prince Harry Says He Isn't Getting Married 'For A Long Time'

Prince Harry
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Straight from the lips of the world's most eligible bachelor, he won't be gettin' hitched soon.

Sorry, ladies! Don't expect another royal wedding any time soon.

Us Weekly reports that while touring London's Royal Hospital Chelsea's infirmary and saying hello to veterans, a Gunners Regiment member, 85-year-old William Titchsmarsh, decided to take the rare opportunity to ask Prince Harry a very interesting question: "When are you getting married?" (Seriously. Bless that man's heart.) Is Prince Harry Marriage Material?

Harry, ever the good-humored royal, replied, "Not for a long time. Who put you up to ask me that?"

"They'll shoot me in the morning!" William quipped back. (How adorable!) Afterward, Prince Harry stuck around for the Chelsea Pensioner's parade, an annual event where 300 elderly former soldiers walk the streets and give salutes.

Speaking of Chelsea, or Chelsy (the parade, Harry's on-and-off girlfriend—it's just so convenient!), could Harry's assurance that he won't be tying the knot any time soon have a bit to do with Ms. Davy? He's supposedly smitten, but rumor has it Chelsy doesn't want anything to do with life as a royal or the HRH title. Perhaps Harry is assuming he'll need time to convince her that palaces and carriages aren't so bad after all? It's possible. Chelsy Davy Doesn't Want To Be A Princess

Either that, or he's just a prince who loves to party and enjoys his bachelor status. Also very possible. Only time will tell which lady is going to win Harry's heart—a "long time," apparently.

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