What Men Think About Summer 2011 Fashions

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The question, "what summer fashions do men like?" is better posed as "what doesn't he hate?"

It's hard to put a finger on exactly what we (menfolk) like about summer fashion. Were it the hemline length, the gauge of gauziness or the cut of the flora/fauna print du jour, it would be much easier to finger. 5 Sexy Summer Fashion Trends Men Love

Most of y'all (and I mean ladies), think men like spring and summer clothes strictly via a less-is-more axiom. And while nothing could be closer to the truth, it's not the whole truth. In many ways what guys like about summer fashion (and women's clothing in general) can be best measured in reverse. We're better at telling you what we hate and here's what it is:

1) Too much going on. Sometimes an outfit looks too uncomfortable or like too much is going on, wear something else. This isn't to say the guys don't appreciate when you do something over-the-top for a wedding, Hardee's opening or birthday hotel room stay. Pick your spots when it's hot as crotch out there.

2) Know your shape and size. Confidence is sexy only insofar as you don't look a pair of clown shoes with boobs. Think of the average Joseph wearing medium bikini briefs with a leather wristband and you'll know what I mean.

That's it, stay simple and know your body, Jessica Simpson. 5 Fashion Trends Men Hate

Here's a quick rundown of what the average dude likely thinks of this year's trendiest fashion trends:

Sheer maxi dress: Lots of fun, until it you trip on it. You know what's more fun and less "trippy"? A sundress and some nice sandals.

Wide-leg pants: Looks comfy. Plus you'd be in good shape if a Tae Kwon Do tournament were to breakout. Be careful of anything tight-waisted or too tight.

Bright colors: Nice! And 

Pants under a dress: Pick one and stick with it. Thankfully the summer is usually too hot for this awfulness.

Lace: A little goes a long way, there's not much space between cutie pie and doily pirate.

Trench dress: You don't have clothes under there, do you? Oh, it's a dress. Still pretty good.

Rompers/jumpsuits: Sometimes comfort is over-rated, good luck restoring that '75 Chevette.

Kitten heels: Go for it. They seem far safer than a stiletto and they still make your booty pop.

Platform shoes: Pretty cool... if there's a fish swimming around in there. Stay away from cobble stones, mama.

Gladiator sandals: Now that you've assassinated Caesar, what are we going to do with all of this shin sweat? Seriously, don't stab anyone with those things.

And a couple of the maxi-trends:

Biker: Looks cool, be sure to stay hydrated with all that pleather.

1970's glamour: I'm too big of a David Bowie fan to be trusted with this one.

1960's ladylike: I don't think anyone knows what this even means.