Do Anthony Weiner's Texts Count As Cheating?

Anthony Weiner
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Do Anthony Weiner's illicit Twitter messages, photos and emails count as infidelity?

When the X-rated picture of his Anthony Weiner's manhood finally hit the internet this week, one thing was certain: "Weinergate" certainly makes people laugh. But it is also stirring discussion on infidelity in the digital age. During his speech earlier this week, Weiner emphasized that he hadn't met any of the women he'd been sexting, let alone conducted relations with them. Does this mean he's off the hook? We know that a lot of you would be angry if your husband sent naked pictures to someone else, despite not having slept with her.

So tell us: Does cheating occur with a kiss? With intercourse? Does flirting with random people online count as infidelity? This Love Buzzer's answer is that if you have to hide it from your partner, then it's cheating—and as we all know, Weiner kept his actions quiet for a long time.

Complete this sentence: When it comes to cheating, I draw the line at...

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