Nikki Reed's Quick Engagement: What Gives?

Nikki Reed Paul McDonald

The Twilight star announces her engagement right after Kim Kardashian. Is there a wedding race in Ho

So it looks like there's a sprint to get to the altar finish line in Hollywood. And Nikki Reed is the latest one to get into race.

It's all abuzz that the Twilight actress is now engaged to her American Idol Season 10 contestant boyfriend, Paul McDonald, which sounds like a super cute match up. Although let's consider the whirlwind romance: The two met back in March at a movie premiere, were a couple by April and are engaged in June. Now that's speedy, even for Hollywood! Nikki's even got Kim Kardashian beat, with her courtship to Paul being half the time that Kim was dating Kris Humphries (Kim dated Kris for six months before the whole engagement thing happened, if math isn't your favorite subject)!

While Nikki's ring may not have been as extravagant in cost as Kim's (not that we're flinching at $30,000 according to Us Weekly. Go American Idol bucks!), the couple seems to be making an effort to prove that they're the real thing. AceShowbiz is reporting that Nikki's dad has given the couple his blessing, and Paul's even moved into Nikki's home. Nikki's also trying to help her man with his music career.

We'll admit—we love some of those cute, sappy love stories. But we'll go ahead and admit that we think this one is really fast, and we hope this isn't a way to boost both of their careers.

Nonetheless, we appreciate the genuine feeling they seem to have for each other and toast them if it's the real deal.

Photo Credit: IMDB