Gerard Butler And Jessica Biel Take A Romantic Motorcycle Ride

Gerard Butler

Jessica got a little touchy feely with her co-star during a recent motorcycle rendezvous.

Gerard Butler is in his forties but doesn't seem to be planning on quitting his womanizing ways anytime soon. The Scottish actor was recently seen with Playing the Field costar Jessica Biel, who incidentally appeared very comfortable with him, with her hands wrapped around his waist during a motorcycle escapade.

Jessica, 29, and Gerard were incognito during their joy ride, with both wearing sunglasses ad helmets, but were still identifiable by the NYDailyNews.com. Although the pair deny their alleged romance, others disagree.

A source told People.com "they looked like a couple" during a cast and crew dinner held before filming even began. Butler "has a large personality, and everyone, including Jessica, gets caught up in his world."

The two undoubtedly bonded during the filming of their movie in Shreveport, LA, but we're not sure it's true love. Jessica is on the rebound, after all, after her long publicized four-year affair ended with pop star Justin Timberlake in March, It's Really Over For Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake and Gerard is far from secretive about his love for sex and dislike of serious relationships. Gerard Butler Likes A Little Crazy Now And Then

The plot of Playing the Field even centers around his character's weakness for, well, dating multiple women. He's hooked up with coworkers in the past including Jennifer Aniston. Gerard Butler Hearts Jennifer Aniston Nevertheless, perhaps the actor's fetish for costars can be chalked up to human nature more than anything else.

"It can be hard working on a movie, trying to establish a new routine," one   source said, "and it helps when you have someone with you to make you feel more normal."