Would You Trust Your Guy To Take The Male Birth Control Pill?

man with pills

Researchers are getting closer to developing a male contraceptive pill. But is it just as safe?

Scientists at Columbia University are tinkering away at the first male birth control pill. It hasn't been approved by the FDA, but once it is, the thing could be on the market pretty quickly. What a historic moment in more ways than one! The responsibility of birth control could now fall completely on the guy, and we would just have to trust them not to forget—or "forget"—to take the magic pill. Check out this poll at The Frisky and sound off on whether you'd trust your dude to take the male contraceptive.

Pressing question: Will the male pill cause mood swings and weight gain? Because if so, they'll finally get a "taste of their own medicine..." We kid because we love!

The Frisky: Poll: Would You Use The Male Pill As Your Primary Form Of Birth Control?

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