Would These Pick-Up Lines Work On You?

guy picks up girl at bar flirting

Three awful types of pick-up lines -- and four that work. Men, take note. Women, flirt away!

"My name is Milk. I will do your body good."

"Is that a mirror in your pocket? 'Cause I can see myself in your pants."

Have you heard ridiculous pick-up lines like this at a bar? If so, you're certainly not in the minority of women. Do you sometimes wish there were a mandatory Bar And Party Etiquette School where men are forced to learn that cheesy, crass comments just aren't going to fly? Well, this video from Fox News iMag is like a mini-etiquette school. In it, relationship expert Laurie Puhn explains the three types of bad pick-up lines (unnecessary compliments like "I like your shirt," for example) and the four types of good pick-up lines. Yes, they exist! Watch the video to find out what they are: Fox News iMag: Can Pick-Up Lines Work?

So if you ever hear the words "You must be tired...'cause you've been running through my mind all night!" coming out of a guy's mouth, well, now you know where to direct him for some reeducation. Or you can just throw a drink in his face. Kidding!

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