Just Do It

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Choosing love over fear has everything to do with creating healthy, loving , joyful relationships.

Pinkee here~ Everyday this week I have woken up feeling scared. That’s because I made a new commitment this week. I recommitted to jogging. So every morning, I have woken up and my first thoughts have been things like: ‘Oh, no, I have to jog. I hope I can do it. I hope I don’t sprain my ankle again. I hope I’m not too tired after doing this.’ Now, if I went on with my whole day this way, I’d probably never get out of bed. So, every day I have chosen to make a shift. I have moved from fear to its opposite, love. I have chosen to get out of bed anyway, to love myself enough to get out there and jog anyway. I use affirmations, in rhythm with my breathing and my stride, starting with the sentence stem ‘I am’. I am strong, I am healthy; what the heck, I throw in I am wealthy too. And every day, on the cool down walk back to my house, I am in a place of love.

Why am I bringing all this up, you might be wondering? It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with relationships. But it does. Choosing love over fear has everything to do with creating healthy, loving , joyful relationships.

For instance, you may be scared to start a new relationship. Great opportunity to shift that fear to love. How do you do that? The same way I do it with my jogging. We create our feelings with our thoughts. So if you want to shift your feelings, change your thoughts. Tell yourself you are willing to love yourself enough to create the relationship you really want, even though you know it may not last forever. Is love worth it? You bet it is!

Or, you may be scared to tell your current partner you are upset about some aspect of the relationship. Great opportunity, once again. Ask yourself the question, do I love myself and my partner enough to create the very best relationship I am able to create? Am I willing to be uncomfortable temporarily for the sake of my integrity and my growth? Use affirmations if it helps. ‘I am speaking my authentic thoughts and feelings with my partner and creating my best relationship now’, or whatever it may be.

Perhaps, out of fear, you are stopping yourself from telling yourself and/or your partner the truth that the relationship is over. Ask yourself, in this or any situation, what would love do?