What Guys Think Links: When He's Just Not In The Mood

tired couple

Plus more about Arnold and what dudes think about tan lines.

I finally saw Bridesmaids and I'm glad the label "The Hangover for girls" didn't stick. Different kind of movie altogether. See it if you like laughing. Either way, here's the best the men of the webs had to say about love and stuff.

Since people are still talking about banging Arnold Schwarzenegger whomever, Very Smart Brothas share their theory on why rich dudes sex up frumpy ladies. Wait, it's not because they're grateful?

Over at Nerve, the venerable Dan Savage takes the Governator situation head-on as well. Essentially, he absolves himself of most of the blame for the dissolution of Arnold's marriage to Maria Shriver and reminds us that unfaithful monogamy is not the same thing as nonmonogamy. It's a little like undead and alive aren't really the same thing.

Speaking of being a girl-on-the-side, College Candy asks their resident broseph how to have the "I want to be more than someone you have sex with when you feel like it" talk. You'd probably be shooting yourself in the foot by dangling a threesome as incentive.

And Evan Marc Katz (YourTango Expert) tells a woman whose guy is not interested in sex what to do next. I'd be all like, "Yo, woman, I may be a machine in the bedroom but it take more than a flip of a switch to turn me on, aight?" Did I mention I'm single?

On the flipside, over at the Good Men Project a fellow asks, "Can't she see I need IT? The sex, that is. And, if so, why is she withholding it?" My guesses, respectively, probably and it's something you said/did or didn't say/do. Stiiiiiiiiill single.

Em & Lo (EmAndLo.com) ask their man panel how they feel about tan lines. If I'm not judging a contest in which tan lines are frowned upon, then they are sort of a turn-on. Yep, still single.

Let's just add a book entitled How To Judge A Woman By Her Tan Lines to Coed Magazine list of things that should never be in a bachelor's apartment… or anyone's.

Speaking of bachelors, The Frisky asks their resident dude what men think about besides sex. I assume they don't mean during sex because most guys I know are conjugating irregular Spanish verbs or rethinking their stance on tan lines during sex. Ladies, I'm still single.

And while we're think of and not think of the fun parts of sex, the biological aspects periodically come (meh) up. For instance, until specifically told otherwise by a learned doctor, every man believes that the count, morphology and motility of his sperms are off the charts. Men's Health discusses what you can do to make that believe a reality.

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