When Size Matters: Why Women Want Tall Guys

Tall man hugging short woman couple

Do you always flirt with the tallest guy at the bar? There's an evolutionary reason for that.

Ever wonder why we usually gravitate toward the tallest man in the room? A new study found that it's all about biology.

Scientists say that women perceive men of substantial height as better fighters and more useful than their shorter counterparts.

"From the perspective of sexual selection theory, women are attracted to powerful males, because powerful males can protect them and their children from other males," said Dr. David Carrier, one of the researchers from the University of Utah. My Daily: Alpha Women Love Adultery As Much As Men Do, Study Says

After studying fighting stances and punches from our prehistoric ape-like ancestors to today's modern boxers, Carrier found that early humans who began walking upright had an advantage during battle over those who were still on all fours.

"Standing up on their hind legs allowed our ancestors to fight with the strength of their forelimbs, making punching much more dangerous," he said.

Some scientists have also said that taller men carry better genes. But if this is true, would that theory be the same for women?

Carrier doesn't think so, because "then men would be attracted to taller women, but men are attracted to women of average height or even shorter."

While Darwin might not have initially considered this during his own research centuries ago, it just goes to show just how much of a battle love can really be.

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