Around The World In 9 Body Shapes: Which Country Is Sexiest?

penelope cruz

Men around the world dish on the most attractive body types in their necks of the woods.

It's a small, small world, but it's also a very diverse one. While true attractiveness comes from within (cue the "Kumbayah" music), men around the world do have different turn-ons when it comes to women's body shapes. While here in the U.S. we generally like a toned, sporty look, in Spain, women don't put as much of an emphasis on working out and will smoke or skip a meal to be all skinny and waif-like. In the Caribbean, women are considered sexy if they're shaped like a Coke bottle—like Rihanna. And in Senegal, it's sexy to have a little meat on your bones—like Oprah.

Check out this celebrity slideshow from Shape on how menfolk around the world prefer their women: Charlize Theron? Oprah? Men Around the World Reveal Which Body Shapes are Sexiest

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