Alec Baldwin Is Either Dating A Younger Woman Or Russell Brand

Alec Baldwin

The 30 Rock star seems to have changed his views about romancing twenty-something women.

Looks like Alec Baldwin has to take back his theory on dating younger women. Last year the actor couldn't think of anything worse than romancing a 25-year-old, but is now head over heels with a 28-year-old yoga instructor, Hilaria Thomas.

"What's worse than waking up with a 25-year-old woman, you know what I mean? You want to go shoot yourself because you have nothing to say to her. Seriously," he said. "It's sad but there are men who go for whatever their earliest ideal of a sexual partner was, they stay with that ideal, meaning men often lock into the image of the first girl they loved at 18. They get stuck in an idea of sexuality with young women. Other men learn to see beyond all that." Alec Baldwin Chooses Loneliness

Ah, these words lead one to believe that Alec doesn't succumb or care about silly things such as beauty but rather looks at what a real woman can offer in terms of conversation. His ideal woman might be someone with a little more wrinkles but who, one assumes, can hold a decent conversation about politics post-coitus.

Nevertheless, the 52-year-old can't seem to get enough of Hilaria, a New York University graduate.

According to the New York Post newspaper (via a source said, "He's really into her. He's taking her to the Tony awards."

Although the lovebirds were seen at the Carnegie Hall's 120th anniversary afterparty Alec's reps are more concerned about the 30 Rock star's career than his love life. They jokingly said, "He's actually been dating Russell Brand down in South Florida." Alec is working with Russell on the movie "Rock of Ages."

Alec, who was married once previously to actress Kim Basinger has said to Glamour Magazine (via in the past that he wants to find love again but that, "You meet people who are great, but they're not who you want to turn the lights out with."

So is Hilaria just someone he can stand "turning out the lights with" so to speak, or is she more? Granted, she has three years on the aforementioned twenty somethings, but how much more wisdom has Hilaria really gained during that time?

Then again, we would love to meet the woman who convinced Alec (or any other man) to change his mind about love. After all, for all we know he could be serving her his prize-winning breakfast-cereal with blueberries.

"I would love to marry again. I want to be in love again. I was in love when I was married, I'm not ashamed to say. I used to wake up in the morning and just look at Kim and say, 'What do you want for breakfast, baby? Special K with blueberries? Let me go get some.' "