Top 10 Spicy Home Party Products Of 2011


The top ten best Spicy Party Products of 2011.

Top Ten BEST Spicy Home Party Products

1. Spicy Rabbit
This is the best Dual Action vibrator you can get at a low cost. You will get PLENTY of uses out of this vibrator. It offers direct clitoral stimulation and a rotating shaft with pleasure pearls. The Spicy Rabbit comes in 5 different colors: Pink, Black, Purple, Blue and Red.
2. Tongue Tickler
This product is designed for couple's use. It is a vibrating penis ring that offers stimulation for him and her during use. This product is to fit around the base of his penis; it's meant to be a little snug and this will actually make him appear and feel larger and last longer! Everybody wins using this product.
3. Berman Center Athena
This is a great product because it's powerful and discreet. The Athena is great for clitoral stimulation with or without a partner. Its about the size of a lipstick container which makes it good for traveling. Do not let the small size fool you, she packs a mean punch!
4. Love Buddy
This is a great product to use with a partner or solo. We would suggest using it during intercourse. The Love Buddy straps into place on the users body providing multi speed vibes that are controlled by the connected hand held controller. This truly is the ultimate LOVE BUDDY!
5. Fantasy Fun Kit
Where else can you get a vibrator, a penis ring, and a bullet for only $35? Look no further, because that is exactly what we have in the Fantasy Fun Kit. You will get a bullet, a chrome vibrator and several different sleeves to go over each for a different feel and texture. You will also get a Love Ring, which is a penis ring that is similar to the Tongue Tickler minus the vibrations. This is the ultimate pleasure package.
6. Pjur Relaxing Anal Glide
This is BY FAR, HANDS DOWN our most popular selling lubricant! We are all curious…but we are scared it's going to hurt! Pjur Relaxing Anal Glide makes it comfortable for you both. It helps to relax the muscles so that initial penetration is not so bad. This lubricant has helped keep the spark alive for several couples.
7. Wet Shaving Crème
This is the BEST Shaving crème on the Market. If you are one of those people that has sensitive skin and suffers from those annoying and embarrassing razor bumps this is the product for you. It soothes and prevents irritation. We may even have some samples for you to try before purchasing…ask your distributor for samples today!
8. Diva Dust
This is always a crowd favorite. It gives the skin a shimmery sexy glow. It is made with pheromones so be prepared to meet your soul mate when you wear it. It is also edible! It’s got a sweet taste that your mate will absolute eat up.
9. Nipple Nibblers
This, like the Diva Dust, is another one of our erotic/cosmetic products. It has a tingle effect to it so it can be applied to the nipples for arousal and also the clitoris. This is an edible product so we suggest placing it on the parts you want licked and/or kissed. Nipple Nibblers can also be used as a lip gloss! They give a glossy, shiny, sexy appearance.
10. Kama Sutra Get Away Kit
This is the ultimate Lover's Getaway Kit. It gives you travel sizes of: Edible Lubricant, Edible Oil, Candles, Edible Honey Dust, Edible French Vanilla Body Crème and a Feather Tickler. Couples absolutely adore this product. This is great for romantic getaways and honeymoons.