Denise Richards And Others Unite To Form 'Mothers Only' Club

Denise Richards And Others Unite To Form 'Mothers Only' Club

The mother of Charlie Sheen's children and other celeb moms come together to swap parenting advice.

Denise Richards had two daughters while married to Charlie Sheen—Sam J. Sheen (born March 9, 2004) and Lola Rose Sheen (born June 1, 2005). Since her divorce from papa Sheen in 2005, Richards has largely been left to her own parenting to raise the two children, as Dad unsurprisingly turned out to be not so good a role model. Denise Richards Tries To Shield Her Kids From Charlie Sheen Mess

And now, the auburn-locked beauty has taken to her own means to retrieve parenting support. Female First reports that Denise and her other mommy friends—Alison Sweeney, Ali Landry, and Brooke Burke—have come together to start a parenting support group. Once a month they gather at one another's homes for supper and child-rearing chats. They swap tips and tricks on raising kids these days, and also bask in having some extra time to converse with other adults. Denise Richards Makes Some Serious Accusations Against Charlie Sheen

Ali Landry told, "It's important for me to find women who know what I'm going through. We sit at the dinner table with a notebook to the side of us and we share tips. It's been a great support system. It really, really has."

Landry has a daughter with her husband, film director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, and recently announced they're expecting another.

Brooke Burke has four children—aging in range from 11 to 3. Her two oldest are from a previous marriage, and the younger unit are from her partnership with actor David Charvet.

Alison Sweeney and her husband have two children.

We hope these women who have husbands also find support from them, and that they're good fathers who take on half the burden of raising their children; unlike Denise's former husband, who's no good at taking care of himself, let alone young children.

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