And The Grand Prize Winner Of Zestra's Amazing Sex Contest Is...

we have a winner

We had a blast reading your Amazing Sex Contest submissions. Check out who made the cut!

This past week found us in our offices giggling, raising our eyebrows and nodding our heads in agreement as we judged your mini-manifestations of "amazing sex." 

We asked you to describe your most toe-curling sexytime in 10 words or less and got over 800 submissions! It's not every day that part of your job description involves reading about peoples' craziest fantasies, deepest desires and wildest quirks. Sure, there were some wacky submissions we weren't sure what to do with ("Fruit loops, mint lifesavers,whipped cream and a saddle..bliss…") but there's a weirdo in every bunch and we love you for it. At the end, while many of the entries amused us, we decided to choose one that is pretty darn romantic. Amazing Sex In 10 Words Or Less? Our Top 25 Submissions

And the winner is...

Our sex was greater than the sum of its parts.

Congratulations, Amanda Green! You are the proud winner of a two-night stay in a leading romantic NYC hotel (we'll send you the details!), plus $1000 in travel & food vouchers, brunch with Love Consultants Matt & Tamsen, and a Zestra Romance Gift Packet for Better Sex Effortlessly. 

Since our readers have such a way with words, we had a hard time choosing just one amazing entry. So here are the runners-up:

Sex is but the discovery of ourselves in others. — devon

Orgasms ripple through us like stones skipping on pillowy lakes. — Elizabeth Cullen

When he touched me its like he deciphered my DNA —cokeko79

The world turns from black and white to color. — tinabgibby

Even the timid feel like pornstars, surrendering to — Madame Nature yxm

The runners-up will receive Zestra Gift Packs, which include 6 single-use packettes, a travel pouch that holds packettes with discretion and style, and a lightly-scented candle. Sexual Arousal Oil: Helpful Or Hype?

Congratulations to all, and keep on lovin'. And when describing amazing sex (or anything else that makes you happy), don't stop at 10 words (or 140 characters). Write to your heart's desire! And then go have some sex.