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Natalie Portman Faces Off With Benjamin's Ex

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

According to Page Six, it seems that the scene at the American Ballet Theater Tuesday evening resembled something out of a slightly classier Jerry Springer-style scenario. Picture this: choreographer Benjamin Millepied brings his majorly preggers fiance (aka Natalie Portman, natch) to the debut of his newest dance creation, where he's cast former girlfriend Isabella Boylston in the lead. Plus, Portman's former dance doppelganger Sarah Lane is noticeably, perhaps intentionally absent amid her previous allegations that Natalie wasn't quite the natural-born ballerina lauded come Oscar time. (Whew! And we thought the drama took place onscreen in Black Swan.)

Yet according to the article, the trio seemed to be on decent terms with little to no palpable tension...so not Springer-like. Though the lag time between relationships was virtually nonexistent—sparking rumors of Millepied cheating with Portman—looks like all parties have moved on gracefully. (Not such a shock considering the ballerina factor!) Natalie Portman Is Pregnant And Engaged To Ballet Boyfriend

We're guessing Portman has bigger things to focus on with her due date around the corner. At least that's one thing Lane can't take credit for!

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