20 Percent Of Italians Favor Open Relationships Over Monogamy

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A new survey reveals global attitudes on Schwarzenegger-style cheating and infidelity in general.

Unfaithful politicians and celebrities have been blowing up the news lately, thanks to the wandering eyes of a certain former action star—ahem, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But high status men and women aren't the only ones who cheat, and no matter where you are in the world, acts of infidelity are hard to ignore. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Infidelity - How Resilient are You?

In a recent survey, social dating community Zoosk asked more than 12,500 singles in eight different countries how they felt about cheating. The results of this global study offer interesting perspectives on how being unfaithful—whether it be with a partner, a celebrity or a politican—are viewed around the world. Here are some of the most interesting results:

On politicians. Schwarzenegger may be retired from his role as the Governator, but if he were up for reelection, his infidelity would hurt his chances. More than half of U.S. singles say a politician's cheating ways would influence their vote, with women caring more than men. Abroad, however, singles care much less about the private affairs of their government leaders. Of singles in France, 80 percent say infidelity wouldn't affect their opinion of a political candidate; those sentiments were echoed in Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Germany. Why Powerful Men Cheat

On celebrities. You'd probably think Americans would jump at the chance to sleep with a celebrity, even when in a committed relationship. But in truth, 80 percent of stateside singles admit that they would not cheat on a partner just to have a one-night stand with a celebrity. European singles agree, with one exception—34 percent of Italians would be unfaithful with someone famous. Which makes sense, since 20 percent of Italians—the highest percentage of any nation polled—prefer an open relationship to a monogamous one. Lucky for them, the cast of Jersey Shore is filming in their country right now. That should make it a bit easier. 5 Jersey Shore Dating Tips We'd Actually Use

On second chances. On average, just 28 percent of those surveyed in the seven countries say they could let bygones be bygones after cheating. The remaining 72 percent say "no way." The Germans are the most forgiving, with 35 percent saying they would give it another go.

On future relationships. Apparently, singles don't believe in the old adage, "Once a cheater, always a cheater." More than half of singles in the U.S., Sweden, France, Denmark and Germany say a person is capable of having a faithful relationship after committing an act of infidelity. Over in Italy, the UK and Australia, however, they beg to differ.

What do you think of these results?