The Worst Online Daters Are All On One Website

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Messages From Match collects ridiculous and cringe-worthy online dating queries.

The online dating world can be as wild and unpredictable as the exotic creatures on the Discovery Channel. So many crazy people to observe in their natural habitat, so little time. Not only can you be duped into thinking that your fantasy hunk is a grandma from Milwaukee, there's also the potential for limitless taunting, humiliation and general ridiculousness. I Had An Online Romance With A Grandmother

With all of this in mind, Andrea Zimmerman, an editor at, and Laura Kudia, an editor at, founded Messages From Match, a website that collects the worst and funniest online dating messages... seemingly in the history of the world. Terrible spelling and grammar, conspicuously missing social skills, an unhealthy amount of hubris—it's all there. And while to some the website may serve as a primer on what not to do when you're out there in the wild, wild web, most of us will just laugh at little nuggets like: "I want to dress you up in leather and heels and make you my space princess. What are your passions in life?" or at the person who claims to like long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, boxes of puppies and Jesus. Boxes of puppies? Those poor puppies! You May Be A Victim Of This Online Dating Scheme

YourTango interviewed Zimmerman about the brilliant Messages From Match, which launched this month.

What made you want to start Messages From Match? My roommate, Laura and I (hesitantly) agreed to jump into the world of online dating together just for fun, to see what the buzz was all about. A few coworkers had tried it and we thought, "Ahhhh, why not?" The majority of the messages came straight to our inbox. We also accept submissions on the site and pick our favorites. As time went on, our online dating experience became more about comparing our crazy messages than actually going on the dates themselves. (You can understand why.) Online Dating Minus the Ugly People?

What are your personal views on online dating? Yay or nay? Let's be honest: the world is digital these days. Our lives, jobs and the majority of our everyday interactions are online. So why not meet people there? For the most part, online dating is far more accepted than it used to be, but there's still a bit of a taboo surrounding it. But if you're open to it and willing to filter through a few crazies (see: Messages From Match), there are definitely some great, normal people on these sites. And even if you don't meet the man or woman of your dreams, at the least you’ll get some first-rate entertainment, right?

What are some of your favorite terrible messages? Here a couple of gems (with our commentary).
"If I could turn back time…I'd meet you when we were both kids. During lunch..I'd walk up to you in the playground and offer you my cookie. And it won’t be half the cookie…I'd give you the entire thing. Then I'd whisper in your ear 'when you’re all grown up…..and turned into a beautiful woman…I'll be waiting in this playground. Waiting for you to show up………………….with a glass of milk in my hand. So u betta not eat that cookie girl!!!'" Filed Under: This is Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC.

"Im a lawyer. Go and tell someone that a POWERFUL and well to do lawyer has contacted you. I will wait…Ok, you are now back I assume. Anyways, as I mentioned I am amazing at the LAW. I also do not put up with ANY woman's crap, so check that at the door, babe. I am available Wednesday and we ARE gonna go to my place so be sure to bring a change of clothes." Filed Under: Chris Brown went to Law School?!