6 Summer Fashions You Should Never Wear On A Date

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Avoid these fashions don'ts while choosing clothes for your Memorial Day and summer dates.

I'm sure y'all are anxiously awaiting the long Memorial Day weekend. Perhaps for a big date? Or maybe just a low-key outing with your significant other and some friends? Either way, you're going to have to wear some clothing for each fine event. And if you're anything like me, you'll spend an hour staring into your closet, completely bewildered, while trying to decide. To help you, here are seven looks you can leave in your closet this weekend... and all summer long. (Actually, to be clear, I'll just say it: Never wear these on a date!)

1. Tiny shorts and sky high heels. I know the summer sun calls for less clothing overall, but leaving a little to the imagination is still an essential outfit quality. Super-high spikes and micro-mini shorts won't win you many points with your date. Your motto? "Keep it classy, not trashy." Salute These Sexy Veterans On Memorial Day

2. Tight white pants. A lot of people still subscribe to that age-old "Never wear white before Memorial Day" rule. Although I don't, if you're planning to bust out the white pants for your little lake trip with the S.O., make sure they're loose linen instead of tight-white denim. The latter just isn't flattering. On anyone.

3. Overalls. Overalls came back in a big way for the spring and summer seasons. They're everywhere… and they're so comfy. I'm not even going to lie and say I wouldn't dream of owning a pair, because I do—own a pair, that is. And I love them. For the comfiness, of course. But please don't mistake the awesome lounge-quality of this denim piece for a wearable wonder. Your guy won't appreciate overalls like you will. They're kind of like harem pants in that way. Comfy IS Sexy! 5 Fashion Rules For Women, According To Men

4. Oversize T-shirts. I once went through an oversize-tee phase. (I guess I thought I was Mary-Kate Olsen.) But when a guy asked me why I was all baggy-tee obsessed (not in so many words, but I got the picture), I realized just how much he wasn't. Guys like to see women's figures, so shapeless clothes kinda bum them out. Beware of overly-loose items. An oversize tee can be a bikini cover-up, but that's about it for date-wear.

5. Denim-on-denim. The look was hot last year, and denim-on-denim is back again for round two this season. But a denim shirt with denim cut-offs is not an outfit for your summer date. It's too much jean for your guy, who won't be diggin' the farmer vibe of your look. This is a look we women wear for each other, to applaud our deft skill at pulling off trends. Guys judge on a different criterion.

6. Round sunglasses. The bug-eye look! This was sort of huge amongst designers, and I've been seeing a lot of round shades in magazine ads this spring. In my personal opinion, this is one of those items that doesn't translate well in real-life scenarios. While partying at a summer BBQ, your on-trend, round-eye shades will only garner playful jokes from your S.O. and friends. Choose a classic wayfarer or square frame instead. 5 Sexy Summer Fashion Trends Men Love