Complete This Sentence: My Favorite Lady Gaga Love Song Is...

lady gaga born this way

Lady Gaga's new album is out today. Which of her tunes is your favorite love song?

In case her SNL appearance, Google Chrome promo, and influx of new music videos didn't tip you off, Lady Gaga's third album released today, and it's already a huge hit. Like her two previous releases, Born This Way contains strong messages about love and relationships. You probably wouldn't serenade someone with "Judas" or "Bad Romance," but they're great to belt out while reflecting on a love gone wrong. Regardless of how you feel about her, Gaga's given us a whole catalog of breakup-worthy material, but on a happier note, Born This Way seems to contain as much sentiment about loving yourself as it does about loving even the people who have hurt you.

Complete this sentence: My favorite Lady Gaga love song is...