They're Just Not That Into Each Other Anymore

Ginnifer Goodwin and fiance Joey Kern call it quits

Ginnifer Goodwin and fiance Joey Kern call it quits.

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin and her fiancé Joey Kern have officially broken up.

Last Friday news broke that the couple decided not to go through with their plans to wed. Ginnifer Goodwin Is Engaged

A source told People magazine that the pair had "broke up a few weeks ago." The source also stated that the couple intend to remain friends.

Goodwin, 33, and Kern, 34, began dating in April 2009, and became engaged on Christmas Eve of last year. They were originally set up by a mutual friend.

Joey Kern, also an actor, is best known for his role in 2001's Super Troopers.

Goodwin is best known for her role as sister-wife Margene in HBO's now-completed series Big Love. She has also had many notable film roles, including the role of Johnny Cash's first wife (before he married June Carter) in Walk the Line.

Contactmusic.com reports that Ginnifer was out and about in Anaheim the day after her and Kern announced their split. The actress spent the day at Disneyland with a close friend. Yesterday was Ginnifer's 33rd birthday.

We're betting Ginnifer is a bit disappointed by the split, as back in September she told Showbizspy that she wants "three or five children, but I need a bigger house or a smaller closet. I’m 32, so I’m already thinking about that. If it happened right now, I would absolutely have a baby." CONTEST CLOSED! Describe Amazing Sex & Win A Trip To NYC + $1000!

Ginnifer previously dated actor Chris Klein, perhaps best known for his roles in the American Pie franchise; they broke up in December of 2008. We're guessing this split was for the best though, as he seems like quite the prick. Considering an interview the actor did with Elle magazine in 2005, where he said he is not at all "tolerant" of a woman he likes gaining "a few pounds." In the same interview he also said: "When a woman isn’t feeling good about herself and you combine that with her period, eventually she’ll ask you if you like her body. You have to say no."

Goodwin, by contrast, seems to be very mature when it comes to relationships, and even has some wise insight concerning breakups. She told Showbizspy that, "no one in the history of the world ever died of a broken heart. So every time I’ve cried in bed for four days and eaten endless bags of cookies and refused to bathe, I’ve always known in my deepest, darkest misery that I would be OK." Then she added, "I look at my grandparents, at friends who’ve been happily married for eons and my sister who married the love of her life. I know those guys are out there so I’m willing to suffer heartbreak to find him."

Bravo for being such a strong-headed lady, Ginnifer! We're hoping she can tap into the above sentiment to cope with her most recent breakup. Ginnifer Goodwin Is Newly Single

And we're also excited to see what romance may flourish for this budding starlet and doe-eyed beauty in the coming months. We certainly think she's quite a catch.

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