5 Most Romantic Spots For Outdoor Sex

Couple kissing making out on the beach

Your guide to getting it on in the backyard, on the beach and even in a small boat.

Like margaritas, sex can be even better when experienced al fresco. "Having sex outside awakens the senses," says Sandor Gardos, Ph.D., a sex therapist and the founder of MyPleasure.com. "Feeling the breeze on your skin, smelling the freshly cut grass—stimuli are very erotic." Plus, the fear of getting caught can add a thrill. Women's Health: What Will Turn You On?

To inspire you, we've come up with prime outdoor spots for getting busy, plus advice on the best positions in each.

Your Backyard
Your home turf is a great place to experiment. "The beauty of the backyard is that it offers all the sensory benefits of an outdoor experience while still giving you a little privacy, especially if you get behind a hedge or fence," says Ava Cadell, Ph. D., author of Stock Market Orgasm.

Prime position: reverse cowgirl Have him sit on a lounge or lawn chair with his legs outstretched, then straddle him so you're facing his feet. Place your hands on his thighs and plant your feet on the ground on either side of the chair. Then move up and down to stimulate the sensitive nerves at the opening of your vagina. Another option: Have him recline so he's lying down, which allows for even deeper penetration.

On The Beach
Seaside lovin' can be very intoxicating. "Sex on the beach is exciting because we associate the shore with spontaneity and vacation," says Gardos (Ph.D., sex therapist, founder of MyPleasure.com). "Breathing in the salty air and hearing the waves crashing can be very seductive." Scope out a secluded piece of shoreline shielded by rocks, and spread out a towel or blanket—you don't want sand in your nooks and crannies. Women's Health: 6 Moves For Better Sex

Prime position: girl on top Straddle him and dig your knees slightly into the blanket-covered sand (this allows for deeper penetration and better traction). Rather than move up and down, stay close together and rub your clitoris against his pubic bone. When you sense that he's on the brink of climax, switch to a figure-eight motion, which will help delay his finish and stimulate a different set of nerve endings inside you.

In The Water
Getting wet can be pretty wild. "Being immersed in water, or standing in a stream of it, feels pleasurable, since your skin can become more sensitive to touch when wet," Gardos says. But water can wash away your own lubrication, so use a silicone-based lube.

Prime position: standing up Wrap your legs around his waist (if you're in the shower, have him lean you up against the wall for support) and push your swimsuit bottom to the side for easy access. Then throw your arms around his neck while he grabs your butt to control the pace. Women's Health: The Female Orgasm Revealed!

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