New Trend: Men Like To Pejazzle

man in towel standing in front of woman in bath tub

Listen up, guys: Prince Albert's (aka genital piercings) are out, and pejazzling is in!

Much like vajazzling, pejazzling is when a man grooms his business so that he can dress it up with Swarovski crystals. The crystals are stick ons, and they come in all kinds of fun shapes (right now, the most popular stick-ons are red lips and crosses). 5 Crazy Things Women Do To The Hair Down There

Mark Wright, a club promoter, is a self-proclaimed pejazzler, and when salon owners revealed that 40 percent of their customers looking to get body bling were men, he jumped on the opportunity. And while some may say a man can't be taken seriously if he pejazzles, Wright believes "it's each to their own." 9 Ways Celebrities Style Their Pubic Hair

"Women don't necessarily want a rough and ready man. Some prefer a man who's groomed and takes care of himself," he says.

Wright doesn't really see how pejazzles are any different from diamond watches and earrings. Plus, men aren't limited to jazzing up their nether regions. They can stick the crystals onto their abdomen, arms, chest and back.

Of course, if men are interested in the body bling, they should consider a waxing or laser session so that the crystals have no problem sticking. Can you imagine taking off your pejazzle in addition to a couple of down-there hairs? Ouch.

So, ladies, we wonder: would you like it if your men dressed up his man business with a sparkly, geometric shape?

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