Love Bytes: Can Marriage Survive A Love Child?

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What sex feels like after a dry spell and 10 less cringe-inducing ways to say "making love."

Love Bytes: 12 must-click love and relationship links.

All this talk of Arnold, Maria, and the formerly unbeknownst lovechild has us wondering: why can't powerful men seem to keep their pants on? [Huffington Post]

On that note, can a marriage even survive a love child? [Betty Confidential]

Body language can be a very powerful thing-- learn how to let your partner know you're fuming without saying a word.  [The Gloss]

If passive-aggresiveness isn't really your style, here's what to say when you're fuming inside. [Divine Caroline]

So you think you're being a good friend by asking your BFF certain questions after a date. Little do you know, you could be asking one very fatalistic question that could deter her from talking about her love life....ever. [The Frisky]

"Vajazzling" was bad there's "penazzling"? What would you think if you encountered a man with rhinestones on his junk? [Nerve]

Will having sex after a dry spell hurt like it did the first time? Read on for Dr. Vanessa's answer to this anxious inquiry. [Em and Lo]

Could recent studies showing a lower divorce rate and a rise in the amount of women waiting to get married be "inexplicably" linked? [Glamour]

So you wait a long time to get married, your chance of divorce lowers, that's great. But at the end of the day, how long is too long to date someone without tying the knot? [Shine]

Tired of being a total doormat to your friends and lovers? Here, tips on how to be the persuasive one in your relationships. [Cosmopolitan]

If you're anything like us, there are certain terms for sexual intercourse that make us cringe every time. Here are 10 less offensive references to the dirty deed. [The Stir]

And, what's with romantic comedy heroines always falling down? [Nerve]