A New Prosecco...And A Business Lesson!

Andrea Miller and David Brown

An evening with Voveti offers interesting business insights and a new reason for celebrating.

I broke away from mommy duties and attended an event last night. Sometimes a little space is dynamite but this was celebrating the launch of a wine (Voveti a new Prosecco produced by Freixenet). It was at the Pedini interior design showroom in the chic TriBeCa neighborhood of Manhattan and co-hosted by Roberto Coin jewelry. Home decor, jewelry and wine; they had me at "you're invited."

To be honest, I'm as much of a sommelier as I am an Olympic pole-vaulter. I give myself an emotional pat-on-the-back for not plopping an ice cube in my wine but I know what I like. And this not-too-sweet, sparkling wine was a delight. I sipped Voveti as I grazed gratefully on the delicious kabob appetizers, eschewing the other tasty options (damn you gluten-free diet) while mingling with a friendly cross-section of guests. As an entrepreneur, I was delighted to corner David Brown (that's us in the pic!), the head of business development for Freixenet and learn what differentiates Voveti in the marketplace and about the motivation for this new product (Freixenet has Cava, a sparkling wine from Spain, thus presumably a competitor to Prosecco--so why oh why wouldn't you just launch a new Cava?).

The quick answers: according to David, Freixenet is the world's largest producer of sparkline wine (who knew?) and while Cava is its main product, it has Champagne and sparkling wine from California and elsewhere in its portfolio, so adding a Prosecco was not exactly a sacrilege. They'd had been considering the decision for a number of years. After a few fruitful trips to Italy, they managed to secure a source of grapes from the most acclaimed Prosecco regions (primarily Veneto) and pair that with one of the country's finest producers. And Voveti was born.

As to what differentiates Voveti, he rattled off quite a few things. Some of them that stuck with me: first, it is a premium Prosecco priced at just $17; as it's not very sweet and for other "technical reasons" (you know perlage and things of that nature), it can be paired with practically any food--and drunk throughout a meal; oh yes, and due to its heritage and whatnot, it tastes great. It's in a beautiful bottle that is only 750g, which means it has a smaller carbon footprint, and has a QR code on the label; in other words, it's not your Uncle Vito's Prosecco.

I was also impressed to learn Voveti comes from the Italian word voveo "to vow, to promise." What bride or couple celebrating their anniversary wouldn't want to take advantage of that? Finally, I learned from David that anything bubbly is better opened with a seductive sigh than a super-sonic pop. When it comes to bubbly and romance, there's probably a little room for both!

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