The Prescription For Hot Sex Into Old Age

Little blue pills

Just what the doctor ordered: Hot sex might be in your medicine cabinet.

People are having sex later in life—many times well into their 80s. For many older couples the advent of drugs has helped to make sex even sexier way into senior adulthood. Drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra increase the male capacity to have and maintain an erection and enable men to have intercourse even when the rest of their body doesn’t function quite as well. Viagra is now the most highly prescribed drug in America, creating a new enhanced ability to stay hard, which allows for an active sex like well into old age. ThirdAge: Are You Taking Drugs You Don't Need?

Even without Viagra, the most frequently prescribed drug in the U.S., erectile dysfunction (the inability to get or maintain an erection upon demand) can be cured temporarily with the new injectibles developed as an alternative to medication. A needle is inserted into the penis and the drug shot into the membrane. Although painful, for the men who are not responsive to Viagra, this can be a definite and predictable way to ensure an erection whenever they want to have one. ThirdAge: Sex Rx: Paxil And Your Sex Life

The endocrinological intervention also represents an advance. This means that hormones that decrease as we age can be replaced with supplements available by prescription. Testosterone can be prescribed to both men and women to increase desire and sexual arousal. (Testosterone is the chemical normally released in the body that creates sexual drive and can increase virility.) ThirdAge: Sexuality In Later Life

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