10 Reasons Maria Shriver Is Better Without Arnold Schwarzenegger

maria shriver
Love, Heartbreak

Once a cheater, always a cheater: It's time for Maria to be on her own.

It was good* while it lasted, and they were even seen attending the same Santa Monica church (though not together) last Sunday, but it's really time for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver to shut it down. More specifically, for her to shut it down and not come back to him.

ThirdAge has a hilarious photo gallery this week of 10 reasons why Shriver is better off without The Terminator, ranging from "she doesn't want to be a cartoon character" to "she'd like to be a reporter again." Our personal favorite:

She can't stand living with a cyborg.
Schwarzenegger has been planning to restart his film career with another Terminator movie (Number 5).

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*Except for the whole "fathering a child with the housekeeper" thing

Photo via INF.