Jesse James: 'I Wouldn't Go Back And Change Things'

Jesse James
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Sandra Bullock's ex visits Piers Morgan to promote 'American Outlaw' and talk about his past.

Jesse James is making the rounds to promote his new memoir, American Outlaw. And at the same time, he's letting everybody know, in no uncertain terms, that he's moved on from the whole Sandra Bullock debacle. You know. Where he publicly humiliated her post-Oscar win? When word came out about his philandering ways? Jesse James Even Worse Than We Knew

"I wouldn't go back and change things, you know?" he told Piers Morgan (via Celebitchy). "I'm—in a way, I'm glad the stuff happens. I'm not happy that I hurt her, and hurt so many people around her, and my family and everybody else. You know, I would never want to put anybody through that again."

Bringing it up over and over for this book tour hardly seems conducive to burying the hatchet. We're all for moving on. We think that would definitely be best for all parties involved. But continuing to humiliate your very-private ex by very publicly airing your dirty laundry involving the past relationship, and then praising how much better another woman is, doesn't seem quite right...

Jesse continued about fiancée Kat Von D: "And meeting someone like Kat will—not meeting her. I mean, we were friends for a long time, and like friends. And mutual respect, and it just—I think maybe that was the problem. I don't think Sandy and I were ever really friends. You know, we were—went right into relationship, and then marriage. And then, you know, right into that, and never really friends. And you know, Kat and I seem to be connected on like such a higher level." He insisted, "I mean, we have like such a deeper understanding of each other." Ouch. Are Kat Von D And Jesse James Already Engaged?

At least Sandra is stayin' classy through all this. Jesse said all is forgiven on both ends, and we hope that's true. Sandy deserves eat-your-heart-out happiness and closure, are we right?

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