7 Date-Worthy Hat And Hair Accessory Trends For Summer

Princess Beatrice
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Princess Beatrice's fascinator inspired a few of these toned-down hat trends for summer.

On a day when the entire world was supposed to ooh and ahh over Kate Middleton's sartorial decisions, the future queen was almost overshadowed… by hats. Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Married!

Yes, hats. Crazy, bold, colorful hats. America, meet the fascinator, a favorite look of England's A-list.

Perhaps the biggest hat scene-stealer of the wedding day was Princess Beatrice, whose pink fascinator was one outlandish fashion risk. Her hat has garnered a Facebook page with over 137,000 followers. The royal attendee has also put her now-iconic accessory up on eBay with a starting bid of $8,000 (all proceeds will go to UNICEF). 5 Royals Who Are Still Looking For Their Princess Brides

While you might be asking yourself who would want to wear a Beatrice-esque fascinator, there are actually a lot of pretty, and more subtle, versions on the market in muted colors and smaller accents. In fact, we're going to suggest you wear one—soon! Fascinators are among the season's hottest new trends in hats and hair accessories, so don't miss out. Along with those, we have six more great items to snap up for your summer dates. Enjoy!