New Parents Nick and Mariah Visited By Child Protective Services

Do these two lovebirds look like hospital partiers?

Nasty rumors of breastfeeding with beer have the new parents battling the rumor mill — and CPS!

It looks like the transition to double diaper duty isn't the only new stressor being added to the privileged lives of new parents Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. Just days after welcoming their long-awaited twins, Monroe and Moroccan, Carey and Cannon were contacted by Child Protective Services amidst rumors of drinking and drug use in the hospital. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Welcome Twins

The couple certainly has a lot to celebrate — Carey has dealt with miscarriage in the past, and their twins happened to arrive on the date of their third wedding anniversary — but it's hard to picture these two boozing in the hospital next to their newborn infants. Carey has had her moments of emotional instability in the past, but she's never been the hard partying Lohan type, and hospitals typically don't serve cocktails to new moms. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Confirm They're Having Twins

Thankfully, it looks like the CPS visit may have more to do with loose lips and baseless rumors than actual child endangerment. Cannon addressed the issue with Piers Morgan on his Thursday night show, and said that he was just as shocked as the rest of the us.

 "Recently, the Child Protective Services were called with allegations that there was some drinking and drugs and all that going on, wild in the hospital, which makes no sense to me - how would a hospital allow that?"

He then said that a nurse had suggested that Carey drink the dark beer Guinness to help with her breastfeeding, and that paparazzi have been regularly infiltrating the hospital to try to snag the first shots of the Carey/Cannon offspring.

"I don't know if someone heard that," he said of the strange breastfeeding suggestion, "But then they were saying my wife was drinking beer. People will do anything to try to conjure up a story. Then when I spoke to the person from Child Protection Services, (they said), 'This is ridiculous, we're going to make sure this isn't the case'."

If Cannon is right and the paps are to blame, then the couple should soon be left alone to celebrate with their children in peace. Let's hope the blessing from Al Sharpton helps the new family get off to a better start once this mess is behind them. CONTEST CLOSED! Describe Amazing Sex & Win A Trip To NYC + $1000!