50,000 Moms Looking To Cheat After Mother's Day... Yikes.

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Ashley Madison claims a disappointing Mother's Day prompted women to sign up for the dating site.

A seriously bad Mother's Day has prompted a whopping 52,684 moms to cheat? That's what a dating site for affairs, Ashley Madison, says.

According to FOX Business, the site reported a 321 percent increase in traffic following Mother's Day, presumably to take advantage of the site's one-day special for free messaging. On an average day, 3,000 women sign up for Ashley Madison, so needless to say, that over-50,000 stat is a huge jump—also up 60 percent from last Mother's Day when the same offer was on the table. 

According to Ashley Madison President Noel Biderman, 68 percent of the women who signed up on Mother's Day were stay-at-home moms who didn't get the attention and love they desperately wanted on that one day of the year. So, they logged on looking to cheat.

"A significant percentage of these women [from Mothers Day] are looking for an emotional connection," Biderman said. "If you sign up for a service like this, and a day later you have six people interested in you, that is a re-validation of a time when your partner paid attention to you in that way. I genuinely believe this is what a large percentage of these women are seeking."

One of YourTango's own relationship experts, Charles J. Orlando, who conducts research on women and infidelity, joined Ashley Madison recently for research-only purposes. He, too, found that women on the site were looking for attention they felt they received at home. But it wasn't just emotional connection the women he met were seeking, all of them were clear: they wanted sex, too. I Went Undercover On Ashley Madison To Find Out Why Women Cheat