Courteney Cox and David Arquette Still In Therapy

Courteney Cox David Arquette

Looks like the famous pair is still trying to work through the drama. Will they?

Looks like the famous pair is still trying to work through the drama. Will they?

Despite the drama and public dialogue on their relationship, it looks like the Courteney Cox-David Arquette match up isn't totally dead in the water, since what we're reading in Life & Style says that they're continuing to attend therapy together.

We're actually happy to hear that they haven't totally given up on 11 years and one child together. They've been apart since October 2010, and stories have been flying all over the place, from Courteney's time with co-star Brian Van Holt and David Arquette's freak out on Howard Stern.

"They're in therapy," an insider close to Courteney told Life & Style. "She and David still do a lot together, so it's not surprising that they would go to therapy together. They're co-parenting Coco, no matter what the status of their relationship is."

It's good that they have their parenting obligations in check. As far as we can tell, while some of the stories have been suggestive, we haven't seen them flip out on each other either.

Now, the only thing we're NOT sure about is what to make of the stories that say they're with other people. For example, Courteney was just recently spotted again with Brian Van Holt and someone else that wasn't identified according to People. And PopSugar just mentioned that David was spotted out with Kelly Osbourne. (We're scratching our heads at that one, too)

We're not sure what's up with the Cox-Arquette pair. But we do know that Courteney's made no secret that she's committed to their marriage.

Here's to hoping they work it out.

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