Why Kissing Is Better For Romance Than Sex

Couple kissing on the beach

Rediscover kissing: the lost art of locking lips.

Think back to the days (or of the moment) when you and the love of your life kissed before you actually had sex—either for the first time ever or the first time for the two of you. Remember how exciting and passionate and raw it was? And how it could go on for hours? Well, it's time to take back the kiss as a sensual act unto itself, not just a prelude to "the act." Third Age: 8 Way To Revive Your Romance

"Why?" I'm sure you're asking. "Why in the name of all that is holy would you talk about taking a step back? We're sexually active adults, so why shouldn't kissing continue to be foreplay that eventually leads to more?" Now listen, I'm not saying that we need to ban sex. Believe me, I'm not. I just think that limiting how far we go from time to time would actually go a long way toward making our sexual experiences richer and even more enjoyable. Intrigued? Third Age: The Difference Between Sex And Romance

Hear me out and I guarantee it'll be worth your while. No, really. Third Age: Ideas For Summer Romance

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