Chelsy Davy Doesn't Want To Be A Princess

Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy

Will Chelsy be Prince Harry's future princess? Pals of Chelsy's don't think so.

Is Chelsy Davy on the road to becoming Princess Chelsy, Duchess of Crumpets? Not likely, claims royal insiders.

Although she attended Prince William and Kate Middleton's recent wedding as Prince Harry's date, those that know the 25-year-old South African native say that Prince Harry will never be able to convince her to join the British royal family as his wife.

According to the Daily Mail via, Chelsy reportedly told friends, "There's no way we are getting married. It's not a life for me." Is Prince Harry Marriage Material?

Added another source:

"Chelsy and Harry are back together and it was very significant that she was his plus one for the day. Harry adores Chelsy and really wants things to work. He has brought up marriage in the past — usually when he’s drunk — but Chelsy’s the one to quickly play it all down. She has watched what Kate has gone through and how much she has had to sacrifice, and says it’s not for her."

Reportedly, Chelsy is currently focused on her career at a London law firm, while Harry's work as a helicopter pilot trainee (and, not to forget, his epic partying, which has him leaping off of hotel balconies in the early hours of the morning) keeps him busy.

So it seems unlikely that either of these two will be getting married (to each other, or to anyone else) anytime soon. Sarah Ferguson's wedding to Prince Andrew was nearly five years after Princess Diana's, so, perhaps, we may see Prince Harry walking down the aisle in 2016, but it's not clear whether Chelsy will be the woman by his side. Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy Are Back Together...Again