Vaginal Versus Clitoral: Are All Orgasms Created Equal?

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Is there a physiological difference between vaginal and clitoral orgasms?

Are vaginal orgasms different from clitoral orgasms? The truth is, even professionals disagree on this topic. Some say they are two different experiences powered by different nerve pathways, others say all orgasms are clitoral orgasms because the clitoris is actually much larger than it appears to the naked eye, while others say who really cares, just enjoy your orgasms and stop worrying about it! Third Age: Orgasm Un-Confidential

And the reality is, all of these perspectives have merit. But current research in the Journal of Sexual Medicine does offer some interesting insights. For example, one recent study utilized an ultrasound to evaluate a woman's genitals before and after intercourse and suggested that what has been called the G-spot may actually be simply the root of the clitoris that stretches near the vaginal wall. As a result, at least some women who have orgasms during penetration may simply have found an alternate route to stimulate their clitoris. Third Age: Sex Without Orgasm

Another recent study in the same journal surveyed 1000 Czech women for evidence of vaginal orgasms which they defined as orgasms triggered by penile-vaginal intercourse only. These researchers found that some women in their sample did perceive a difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms. And not only that, they found some interesting variables that seemed to correlate with what women perceived as vaginal orgasms. For example, consistency of vaginal orgasm was associated with sexual education in childhood suggesting that the vagina (as opposed to the clitoris) was important for inducing orgasm. In addition, other variables included a womans self-perceived ability to focus on pleasurable sensations in her vagina, greater duration of penile-vaginal intercourse (in this study, the mean duration was about 13 minutes), and a personal preference for a longer than average length penis. Third Age: Expanding Your Pleasure and Orgasm Capacity

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