The Couple That Plays Together, Stays Together

tennis balls and raquet

66% of people said doing sports together can reignite attraction. Ten activities for two.

Strengthen your bond by scheduling some playtime into your relationships. Marriage expert Lauri Puhn, J.D., authoer of Fight Less, Love More, Glo's Relationships editor Natasha Burton and writer Brett Smiley analyze some fun activities you can try as a couple.

Video Games
Puhn says: "Video games can be very damaging to a relationship because they isolate the player. It's not a great activity to share if it sucks up hours of time every day, but once and a while, it's a nice way to have fun."

He says: "Despite our horrific singing voices, the lady and I always have an absolute blast playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band."

She says: "While I never thought I would say this, I kinda enjoy watching my guy play Halo. If we were ever in a battle-like situation, at least I know he's got mad sniper skills."

Puhn says: "This is one of the best activities for a couple, especially when the relationship is struggling. Because you have to build that fire, cook the food, read a map, find the right route, build a tent and more, you have to work together to accomplish critical tasks. You can't let your irritation or a big fight prevent you from reaching a solution."

She says: "If you can rough it together in nature, you can weather difficult situations in the city."

He says: "There's nothing stargazing, s'mores and two people in the same sleeping bag can't cure."

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