Complete This Sentence: The Most Romantic Bob Marley Song Is....

bob marley

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Bob Marley's death, tell us your favorite song of his!

Thirty years ago today, the great Bob Marley passed away, leaving a great legacy of reggae music for lovers of all ages to enjoy.

Although most of his songs dealt with socio-political issues and Jamaican culture, the romantic lyrics interspersed in his work makes his discography a perfectly good date-night soundtrack. Can't you imagine feeding each other shrimp kebabs on the beach while "Is This Love" plays softly in the background? Nor would we mind being serenaded with "Waiting in Vain" (again, preferably on a romantic beach somewhere).

Complete this sentence: The most romantic Bob Marley song is....

Image courtesy of YoRapper.com