New iPhone App Shows How Your Boobs Would Look After Surgery

Woman in a bra

Contemplating a cup size upgrade? There's an app for that!

Wondering what would your breasts look like if they were bigger? There's an app for that! The Frisky: 10 Famous Ladies Open Up About Their Divorces

iAugment is a Photoshop-style iPhone app that uses a 3D pic of your chest to show you how you'd look with bigger jigglies. iAugment allows you to view 17 different breast implant sizes—from "Blake Lively goes softcore" to "Sheyla Hershey circus boobs." (Just kidding, they're not really called that.) Created by plastic surgeon Elizabeth Kinsley from New Orleans, the iAugment app claims to help women decide if they really want a boob job. The Frisky: 8 Music Videos Featuring Beds In Ridiculous Places

In reality, I think we all know that 14-year-old boys every adult man we know is going to digitally play with their lady friend's boobs on iAugment ad nauseum. Amiright, boys? The Frisky: Girl Talk: The Quickie Break-up Vs. The Slow Band-Aid Peel Off

Written by Jessica Wakeman for The Frisky

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