The 5 Worst Ways To Reignite Attraction In A Relationship

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It's no big secret that the hot and heavy lust of a new relationship almost always fades to a cooler, slower version of itself as our couplehood progresses.

But before you worry that all long-term relationships mean chaste, sexless companionship, a new YourTango survey, conducted with MSN's and, leads us to believe otherwise.

In a survey about the nature of attraction, 90 percent of our more than 20,000 respondents said that it is possible to reignite attraction in a relationship. Of course, there are some great ways to do this and some not-so-great ways to bring the spark back. According to the survey respondents, here are the five worst ways to reignite attraction in a relationship:

1. Have a child together (4.4%)
2. Live separately but still date (10.2%)
3. Read to one another (27.9%)
4. Play with children or see relatives together (29.9%)
5. See more friends together (30.2%)

In other words, if you're looking to bring sexy back to your relationship, visiting the in-laws, moving out and bringing a child into the mix probably aren't your best means of doing so.

Check out more survey results:

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