Bruce And Demi Feud Over Daughter Tallulah

Tallulah Willis and Demi Moore

Are these once-amicable ex's now butting heads over their youngest daughter's upbringing?

Bruce and Demi were married for thirteen years and had three children together. In 2003, Demi began dating Ashton Kutcher, who is a mere ten years older than Bruce and Demi's oldest daughter. Throughout Demi's new relationship, Bruce remained a committed father to his girls, and together him and Demi continued to be a strong parenting force in their daughters' lives. Bruce even put on a happy face and posed for pictures with his daughters alongside Demi and her new husband, as one big happy family.

But has this non-conventional family been good for the girls? Divorced parents and a mother marrying a much younger man? It seems to have worked out fine for the two eldest daughters—Rumer and Scout, who escaped their ascend into adulthood with little to no scandals. But Rumer was nearly an adult (17) when Demi married Ashton, and Scout was 14, and probably busy ingratiating herself with her new high school environs and her classmates. Rumer Willis Hooking Up With New Glee Hunk

Tallulah on the other hand, was barely 11. She was still a child, and had much growing up left to do. Apparently little Tallulah (who's 17 now) was caught by LAPD a few weekends ago, drinking in public with some of her friends. The police notified Bruce and Demi about the incident. Demi picked her up from the supervision of the police, and Tallulah and her friends were cited with alcohol possession. CONTEST CLOSED! Describe Amazing Sex & Win A Trip To NYC + $1000!

Also, allegedly, Tallulah was spotted smoking at the Coachella music festival last month—an incident, which, according to National Enquirer infuriated Bruce. According to a source close to the family, "Bruce flipped out when he heard Tallulah was running wild at the festival." He was "furious Demi and Ashton didn’t at least chaperone her."

So all of this has supposedly caused a big riff between the two Hollywood parents. Bruce thinks Demi and Ashton are being too laid back with their youngest daughter—who now is the only one living at home. And Demi thinks Bruce isn't around enough. Demi Moore, 47, Would Like To Have Ashton's Baby

Of course, Tallulah was just caught drinking at the age of 17, which isn't really a major offense to anyone these days. We're betting this is just a minor bump in the road and Tallulah will mature into a wise and beautiful woman who knows how to have fun, but doesn't over-indulge.

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