5 reasons dating is like baseball

5 reasons dating is like baseball

Don't strike out this summer! Here are five good tips for your summer fling.

Spring is in the air. Its baseball season, love is blooming and the short shorts are coming out! (Time to get back into the gym!)

Here's a couple of tips to get you into the season.

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1. Cover your bases!

Many of my single girlfriends complain that the biggest turn off is when a man tells too much, too soon. Your first few dates aren’t the time to digress into childhood traumas, ex-wife issues or money problems. Cover the important things, but don’t give up all your information too soon.

2. Three Strikes- yer out!

If you’ve gone out with a gal or guy a few times and the spark isn’t there or you see some tell tale signs of a problem (dangerous behaviors, illegal activities, deal breakers) get outta there! I always recommend that three dates is a good amount of time to get to know someone well enough to know if he or she is someone you’d want to date seriously.

3. Last Year's Games Don't Count
Just like in baseball, what happened in the past is the past! This is a new year... a new relationship, new players with new games to play. Don’t keep watching the repeats of last year’s game and regressing… move forward and move on, it’s a whole new ball game.

4. We Want a Pitcher… Not a Belly Itcher!
Don’t burp, belch, fart, scratch or whine when courting (or being courted!). Be on your best game at all times…. Or you might be boo’ed outta the ball park.

5. Score a few homeruns this season
What does your date like to do? Put some thought into dates and you never know how far it might take you. The batter who gets to first base regularly might stay on the team, but the guy who repeatedly hits homers earns the adoration of his teammates and fans.... and scores homeruns... ;)

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