Is Rachel McAdams Engaged?

Rachel McAdams

The actress was just seen sporting a ring on a very important finger...

Wait—what's that we hear? Wedding bells?! Well, OK, maybe not. But they might be ringin' real soon for actress Rachel McAdams.

Us Weekly just spotted Rach out and about in L.A. on Sunday, sporting a shiny ring on a very important finger... Y'know. That one on the left hand. Next to the pinky. You follow? CONTEST CLOSED! Describe Amazing Sex & Win A Trip To NYC + $1000!

So, is she engaged to her boyfriend of 10 months, fellow-actor Michael Sheen? According to Sheen's rep, it's just a rumor (and, obviously, very suspicious ring placement). "This is not true—they are not engaged," Clair Dobbs told E! Online.

Yep—that's what the publicists are saying, but we'll have to watch out for further developments in the McAdams/Sheen saga. The couple began dating last summer after shooting Midnight in Paris together, and they've heated up quickly since.

Even back in the early days of their relationship, the chemistry was noticeable to everyone. When the pair was caught locking lips at the Toronto Film Festival, an insider seemed to think things would "turn serious" between them—a prediction that was spot-on. So we wouldn't be surprised if the two tied the knot in the near future, even if they're not ready to publicly announce an engagement just yet. New Couple Alert: Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen

Before Sheen, Rachel was widely known for her romance with The Notebook co-star, Ryan Gosling (and we still shed tears over that failed relationship—we just adored them as a duo), as well as a fling with actor Josh Lucas. Michael was previously married to Kate Beckinsale, and they have an 11-year-old daughter, Lily.

We don't know about y'all, but we'd love to see Michael and Rachel exchange vows. We'll be keeping an eye on this couple...

Photo Source: INF