Would Rihanna And Reggie Bush Make A Good Couple?

Rihanna And Reggie Bush

Are these two pairing off as a publicity stunt? Or is it raw attraction?

Rihanna hasn't had a serious boyfriend in a few years, and Reggie Bush hasn't dated anyone since he and Kim Kardashian broke up in early 2010. And because we can't have two single, attractive young adults roaming around, the two have been purportedly fixed up by their respective PR teams. But we gotta ask: are either of these two really in need of some heightened public relations to boost their careers? Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Break Up Again

Given her past, Rihanna, 23, certainly can't condone the use of her personal life to gain public attention. In 2009, in the wake of the LAPD leaking photos of the battered songstress, Rihanna (elegantly and maturely) dealt with a very public breakup and domestic abuse case from her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. So the chances that she'd willingly use her private life as a way to gain notoriety seems highly unlikely. And with her expansive amount of sheer talent, we're certain she doesn't need PR stunts for attention. With her amazing voice and history of releasing hit after hit, we think she's set for continued success, with or without a man. Even if she were dating Ryan Gosling, Adrian Grenier, or Ludacris, it's clear Rihanna doesn't need a high-profile boyfriend to keep her career sizzling. /node/44842

Reggie Bush, on the other hand, may see a rise in his public profile if he were to start dating the pop star. (Let's be honest about this one—Rihanna is much bigger than Reggie!) But does a professional football player—especially one already as on top of his game as Reggie—have anything to gain from a higher public profile? He's young (26) and healthy, and in 2006 (straight after college graduation) he was the second pick in the NFL draft. And he's been playing for the New Orleans Saints since 2006, a team who, with Reggie's talent, won their first Super Bowl championship in 2009. We imagine his salary is pretty generous, and career-wise it seems he's already as high as he can get. So we're fairly certain a public relationship with Rihanna will do little for his professional life. Although, if they do get together, and come next season Rihanna attends the games and the Saints go undefeated and win another Super Bowl, the fans in New Orleans may cite Rihanna as a good luck charm, as Yankees fans did with Kate Hudson. But beyond this superstition, we really see no personal career gains for either as a result of their relationship. Chris Brown Allegedly Assaults Rihanna

However, if these two really like each other, then all the better! A mutually trusting relationship among adults who are wildly attracted to each other sounds like an amazing thing, which in turn, could play out to be an indirect asset for both of their careers—if one is happy in their personal life, it's bound to trickle into other areas.

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