Why College Love Rocks

Couple passing notes in class

I wouldn't trade my serious college relationship for any hookup.

As corny as it sounds it's the real deal and true to my life. It's been three years and I feel like I've known my boyfriend a lifetime. We actually went to the same high school but didn't really know each other. Back then, I was friends with the popular "mean girls" and we pretty much socialized with each other and our typical, jock, male counterparts. Back then, he was the "friends-with-everyone" good guy that pretty much stuck to his smart, quirky (in a good way), laid-back clique. Luckily, college brought us together. College Candy: Cliques Won't Get You A Boyfriend

We were both freshmen at the same university and when you're walking around an unfamiliar campus with 40,000+ students, a familiar face seems like your best friend. We ran into each other ALL the time, literally. If we weren't bumping into each on the streets of campus or at a party, it was in the chemistry lab or library. Our frequent run-ins turned into small chit-chat which led to Facebook friending, which led to AIM chatting, which led to hanging out one-on-one, which led to hooking up, which led to introducing each other to our friends, which brought us to where we are now—happily in love! College Candy: Can I Tell My Boyfriend To Hook Up With Other People?

When you're in love and in college, YOU GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! I honestly couldn't put it any other way. And now that I think about it…I wouldn't have it any other way either. I've been able to party and live up the college experience while feeling secure knowing I've had my man by my side the whole time. It took time to find a healthy balance between class, sex, and beer but we found it (and we rank them in that order). We still have different groups of BFFs (some mutual friends to kick it with sometimes too) and are each dedicated to different organizations on campus so we have to go our separate ways sometimes, but it's healthy. Besides, for whatever reason, there's something sexy about not seeing your boo all day and then meeting up later.

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