What Guys Think Links: Don't Worry, Be Happy

smiling woman

Plus the Kentucky Derby and how to meet guys for 35+ divorcees.

As soon as your Cinco De Mayo hangover has ended, it'll be time to start getting ready for the Kentucky Derby. A hero's work is never finished. Here are what the guys had to say.

We'll start with the old Derby. Tom Chiarella, Esquire's man's guy, has a lesson on how to watch the Kentucky Derby (and it applies to all horse races) with a lady. Frankly, horse racing may be the best date sport: it's quick, it involves booze and snacks, the gambling is so unpredictable that winning anything is almost always just upside and who doesn't love sundresses?

It seems like a social, sports-related event may be the best place to meet a special someone, right? Maybe. David Wygant, writing for the Huff Po, has five steps to meeting a new dude if you're a 35+ divorcee. My advice: fish where the fish are, else-wise, you're just drinkin' in a boat.

Be careful not to be a clichéd mopey mess of a singleton, not a fun site. Panama over at Very Smart Brothas have some advice by way of pointing out a few ways in which SOME single ladies expertly self-sabotage: single woman syndrome. Not all the single ladies, mind you. Good intentions may not always attract rainbows but bad ones nearly always attract sh*t.

Speaking of which, my homeboy Jeffrey Platts has a newsflash, Walter Kronkite, happy equals sexy. It's been said that a nice smile adds about a cup size…

And when you think of big cup sizes… Good Men Project has a thing-a-majig about feminist porn for straight male audiences. Head. Spinning.

If you're more into real people than self-love with video visuals, my bud Jack From Brooklyn has funny reasons to use condoms (as if unintentional babies and disease weren't enough). One he missed: keeps clean up a mite tidier.

On to another kind of clean up, The Frisky lets you know what men think about menstruation. A) It's not that big of a deal. B) It makes it very clear no one is pregnant.

AskMen answers a few questions about how to get a wife / baby's mother back in the mood for sex after delivering. "Making a big deal out of it and throwing a fit because the little baby is getting more attention," right? No? Yes? What?

Em & Lo's (EmAndLo.com) man panel answers this sticky lil problem that tends to pop up: what do you do when he doesn't say "I love you" back? "Crying until he says it," right? No? Yes? What?

And Men's Health has a little advice on how to spend time with your in-laws. "Mock interest in everything they say and then making barely audible sarcastic remarks," right? No? Yes? What?

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