Elin Nordegren Is Back On The Market


The former wife of Tiger Woods has started dating again and still hates her ex!

Screw Tiger! Cheating ex-husband or not, Elin Nordegren is soooo back in the game.

Eight months after her divorce from Tiger, Elin's decided she's ready to find someone new, according to what we're reading in US Weekly. So far, she was reportedly dating someone, but that relationship didn't really land anywhere.

This is the most we've heard from Elin, especially since she managed to stay so quiet during her turmoil with her cheating ex. But it looks like there was no way she was going to let anything hold her down.

As for her feelings on Tiger? Well, make no mistake that she still can't stand him (not that we blame her). According to sources close to her, she only interacts with him when she drops off the kids.

"She hates him. She doesn't see him or speak with him. And they have their custody schedule already set through the end of the year," said a source close to Elin.

To be honest, we kind of expected that Elin would keep it moving without a thought to Tiger. And, we'll admit that we're proud that she decided not to waste her Swedish good looks stewing in all the ways Tiger did her wrong. After, stress IS bad for your complexion! (Not that she's got that problem either)

We say good for Elin. Not only will she NOT live in the past, but she's moving on in a way that works for her. Lucky is the man that lands this independent hottie next.

Darn Tiger. You screwed up this one! But of course, you already knew that didn't you?

Photo Credit: INF