Do You Fart, Burp Or Pick In Front Of Your Man? Most Women Say No

man and woman bathroom sign

Bodily functions still considered taboo in relationships, men and women agree.

Ladies, is it ever OK to let loose with a fart in front of your man? How about a burp?

According to the latest survey from dating website, all signs point to no.

In an online poll of 230 women, the site asked ladies just how comfortable they are with performing certain bodily functions in front of their partners. Do You Fart In Front Of Your Guy?

Nearly half of all women—no matter whether single or in a relationship—admitted that no, they did not want their men seeing (or hearing) such things. Overall, this isn't too surprising; really, at what point is it all right to pass gas in front of the guy you're seeing? But the folks at How to Get the Man of Your Dreams went a step further to break down the results according to each "disgusting" (their words, not ours) female function. Dating Disaster: A Guy, A Girl, Her Gas

The burp. Almost 17 percent of women said they felt that letting loose an occasional belch was acceptable in front of their significant others.

The fart. In comparison, only 13 percent of women are comfortable letting one rip in front of their partners. Understandable, as even when a fart is silent, the smell lingers, causing the uncomfortable question to arise between you and your lover—did you just do that?

The pick. Only eight percent of women say that picking their nose in front of their partners is an acceptable behavior. Funny, because a quick pick in the nose is much easier to get away with than a fart or a noisy belch. I'm sure this doesn't count covert picks.

The #2. In perhaps the least surprising result of the survey, only four percent of the women polled are comfortable with going "number two" in front of their partner. The other 96 percent seem to sign onto the "some things should be kept private" idea.

The relationship experts and coaches at were, understandably, surprised by these results. Helen Park, the co-founder and vice president, says the male relationship coaches on the site have admitted that, "though they may act like they don't mind, they can't help but be turned off when a woman passes gas, goes number two, or even belches in their presence. They admit it's a double standard, but it's just the way it is!"

A double standard indeed, which makes us wonder how the results would look if the tables were slightly turned. Where is the survey asking women how they feel about men who belch in their presence? Where is the survey asking ladies if they are turned off when a guy lets one rip, and then laughs about it? We'll admit, we can crack a poop joke along with the best of them, but men—if you're going to judge us for needing to perform completely normal bodily functions, then please excuse yourself from the room the next time you need to fart.

Are you comfortable performing bodily functions in front of your partner?