My Husband Said No To Sex - For 10 years


If you met me, you'd think I have everything. Twenty-five years of marriage to a very warm and attractive man, a lovely house, wonderful children and enough money to enjoy ourselves.

But I still feel there's something missing because we stopped having sex about 10 years ago, as my husband said we were too old for it.

It had sort of dwindled off when the children were very young and we were very busy but, just as I thought it would start to perk up, my husband showed less and less interest.

I ended up getting a bit drunk one night and making a scene about it and that's when he said it.

I was too embarrassed to bring it up again but we're only in our late forties. I've started to feel a bit frustrated - sometimes even watching raunchy TV programmes makes me upset.

Every so often it gets too much for me. But whenever I try to initiate something, my husband makes me feel like I'm being dirty.

He's not unkind - he just sort of laughs me off but we're both young enough and we still keep ourselves fit.   Read More...

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