I did everything wrong during my breakup


I did everything wrong during my breakup

Well I did everything Wrong Wrong Wrong and now I'm alone and hopeless. My ex & I were together for almost 3 years. We were very much in love and then the programs with his adult son began. He focused on his son and he became overwhelmed with that. He told me to give him space & I didn't, I texted, called, showed up to see him, you name it I did it and I did it wrong. Relationships are painful, and I'd just like to win him back somehow.

He said he loves me & isn't in love with me anymore. I guess I'm the example of how to really screw something you love up. I'm alone and hopeless. We were talking about having a child together and we broke up yesterday. He did tell me that if we were able to become friends, that he would consider still donating sperm to have a child with me. Is there ANY hope for my situation? I did everything wrong and in a moment of arguing he said I scared him. I was only trying to force my point of view, wish I had found this site days ago. I screwed up and need to know if there is any hope? I will see him next Tuesday for sure at a meeting and I want to be different and give him a glimpse of the fact that I realized my mistakes. I truly do love him and want to win him back but the right way. I know I should like a crazy threatening psycho but I'm not. I hope he realizes that too....


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