3 Ways for Geeks in Love to Tech-Out Together


Geeks need some love too! Here;s some tips for geeks in love.

The common assumption of geeks is that they are lucky to find anyone who will want to talk to them at a party for half an hour, much less spend a lifetime with. Of course, the reality is that geeks come in all shapes and sizes, and there are just as many female geeks out there as male ones.

If you're a geek who's lucky enough to have found a partner who also enjoys the latest gadgets and the finer points of algebraic notation, you should get married right away! There are plenty of things you can do to make sure your wedding will cater to your innermost nerdy tendencies.

Give Each Other Geeky Presents

Any girl can walk down the aisle and put a regular wedding ring on her finger, but there is clearly only one choice for any self-respecting geeky female - a wedding ring with a built-in USB stick! Although mostly for show, this ring will clearly show a little bit of your personality to everyone and will be a fun memory for you and your betrothed to share.

An equally inspired gift for the man would be a set of USB cufflinks which, being detachable from the wrist, could also be used! Why not use them to store the pictures from your wedding so that you can look at them whenever you wish? There are also a number of geeky 'his and hers' gifts you could spoil each other with (keyboard dusters, joysticks, glasses cases. etc.).

Invite Like-Minded People

If you are a geek at heart, you will want to share your special day with other individuals who share the same tastes as you. You can always design the name cards at your reception with images from Akira or Ghosts In the Shell, but one brilliant idea is to send out your invitations as a videogame itself! Hardcore gamer geeks who finish the game will be given the full details of your wedding and reception, ensuring that only the chosen few will be there to share in your joy.

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